A Quick Look at the Synergy V-Pen Vaporizer

A Quick Look at the Synergy V-Pen Vaporizer

Synergy V-Pen Vaporizer Features:

  • Compatible with oils/waxes
  • Easy to use
  • Discreet design
  • Quick heat up time


  • One battery charger
  • Two oil cans
  • One mouthpiece
  • One oil cartridge
  • One maintenance tool

Synergy V-Pen Vaporizer Summary


This is an advanced pocket sized unit that is capable of vaporizing oils with ease. The Synergy is compact and lightweight which is ideal for those on the go. This pen vaporizer is perfect for those that want to vaporize oils and waxes efficiently. The unit also has a clear display that show how much oil is left in the cartridge.

The Synergy V-Pen Vaporizer is easy to use. You will need to turn it on by pulling down the trigger once and then twice to initiate the heating process. An LED light will go on when the vaporizer is one.

You will need to check for white condensation in your Synergy portable vaporizer. If there is white condensation that you will see that it is working.

This vaporizer works best with slow pulls. Many think that heavy pulls are best, but actually this increases the heat and will then also increase the danger to your health due to the sheer heat.



Synergy V-Pen Vaporizer


The Synergy V Pen Vaporizer is the perfect portable vaporizer that is able to fit right in your pocket. The Synergy V Pen Vaporizer was created with oils and waxes in mind and is also perfect for aromatherapy. You are able to fill up this vaporizer and use whilst on the go. The discreet design allows you to use it anywhere you feel the need to.

The Synergy V Pen Vaporizer features a clear display, which is unusual for a vaporizer that is this small. The display will be able to tell you how much oil or wax you have left in the cartridge. The heat up time on this vaporizer pen is pretty fast meaning that you are able to enjoy your experience within a few seconds.

The synergy V Pen Vaporizer is pretty simple to use. You will first need to remove the metal protection sleeve and the rubber seal with the use of the handy dabber. You can then begin to trip your oils around the side of the heating element. The rubber seal then needs to be set back into the cartridge. Ensure that the seal grooves are aligned directly over the two wicks in the cartridge. The metal sleeve should also be placed back. That’s it; all you need to do is remove the pen cap and push the button.

What Does the Synergy V Pen Vaporizer Include?

With the Synergy V-Pen Vaporizer you will receive:

  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 1 x AC Wall Adapter
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 2 x Oil Cans
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Oil Cartridge
  • 1 x Surgical Steel Grade Dabber
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

There is also a warranty that comes with the Synergy V Pen vaporizer for up to a year. The pen cap, mouth piece and battery have a 90 days warranty. The 1 year warranty covers the unit under normal use.

The Synergy V-Pen vaporizer is one of those affordable vaporizers that comes with various accessories and is built of quality so that you can be sure it will last for a long time.