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Top Portable Vaporizers


If you are looking for a high quality portable vaporizer, then know that you will have to pay quite a bit, but it does mean that you will get quality and something that will last.

Here is a look at the top portable vaporizers.

Pax 2

pax 2

The Pax 2 has taken the vaporizer world by storm with great reviews. This vaporizer is compact, there is a huge production vapor, the vapor tastes wonderful and it is easy to use.

Arizer Solo

The Arizer Solo is a great vaporizer that provides a smooth an excellent vapor. The unit is easy to loan, clean and use.

Vapir NO2

A more affordable option is the Vapir NO2. The vapor production is good, but it can be a pain to load and clean.

Magic Flight Launch Box

This is a famous vape and is not like any other vaporizer as it is made out of wood. You will get a good vape but the unit wont last as long as other portable vapes.

iolite Wispr

the Wispr runs on butane instead of battery. The vapor production is pretty good and it’s nice not to have to recharge it especially when you are out.

The Mighty

This is the best portable vaporizer that you can get right now and with it comes a pretty hefty price, but you will not be disappointed. There is a great vape, precision temperature controls, a long battery life and has been built to last.


The G Pro by Grenco Science


Grenco Science created the G Pro, which is a dry herb vape pen that is not susceptible to combustion.

When you get your G Pro you will receive a rechargeable battery, a G Card, 5 filter screens, a cleaning brush, a G Pro wired USB charger, 3 mouthpiece sleeves and 2 extended mouthpiece sleeves.

You are able to use the G Pro with dry herbs and flowers.

The G Pro has three different temperature settings that are represented by different colored lights. This is great for those that are looking to have more control over the amount of vapor that they are inhaling.

The G Pro is quite slim and also compact. You can easily put the vaporizer in your pocket or bag, however be careful that it doesn’t open and spill out.

g pro

To avoid this problem though you could wrap it in a plastic bag before you put it in your pocket.

You will also not need to press down on a button during your session, instead you just need to do 5 clicks and you pen goes on and is ready for vaping.

After 3 minutes of use, the vaporizer will turn off automatically to prevent overheating and to preserve the battery.

One thing that is really likeable about the G Pro is that it is easy to load and use. The taste is also good and you get a lot of vapor.

There is not much to dislike about the G Pro. The only niggle is that you sometimes have to wait a while for the pen to heat up. It is only meant to take 60 to 90 seconds to prepare, but this depends on your battery life and you might end up waiting a while.

Also the tip does seem to get hot during use, but this can be counteracted with a mouthpiece.

Overall the G Pro is a great performing dry herb vaporizer pen.


daisy vaporizer

Daisy Vaporizer Review


Daisy Vaporizer Review

The Daisy vaporizer is not the most portable vaporizer but it does create large clouds of smoke and this is a handmade unit. The vaporizer uses a flame so it will take some practice to get the right draw.daisy vaporizer

The Daisy Vaporizer is handcrafted in the US and is made from a walnut wood and the three blocks join together with magnets.

The unit has a rectangular piece where the glass mouthpiece is lodged and two cubes. The one cube at the bottom holds the furnace and has a screen. The cube at the top holds the vertical glass tube which is used for heating.

It is easy to use the Daisy vaporizer. You should cover the screen with a couple of small pinches of ground herbs. The unit is assembled by pointing the lighters flame the small glass chimney so that you can vaporize the herb.

It is a good idea to have the tip of the flame in line with the top of the glass chimney to avoid overheating.

You need to be careful though not to combust the material, which may happen whilst you are still getting the hang of it.

With the Daisy vaporizer you will get big clouds and heavy hits which may not be for everyone.

The vapor quality is good, cool and tasty.

The Daisy vaporizer is a neat looking unit, but you will need to get a handle on the flame, but once you do you will enjoy large hits and a tasty vape.




Kanger EVOD Starter Kit


Kanger EVOD Starter Kit

The EVOD starter kit is from Kanger Tech and it comes with two full pens that each has their own EVOD cartridge. These clearomizer are special as they are able to get the best from your e-liquid and also feature a leak resistant design.

There is a seamless sleeve on the EVOD cartridge that allows it to connect to the mouthpiece in order to reduce e-liquid leakage. The wick and the coil atomizer are actually at the bottom of the cartridge, which is unusual but this allows you to get more from your e-liquids.

The atomizer can be replaced.

With the Kanger EVOD starter kit you will also receive two rechargeable batteries that are 650mAH with 510 threading. The EVOD batteries have an accidental discharge feature which will lock the device so that the button is not accidently pressed when it is in your pocket. You are able to reactivate your device by pressing the button five times in a row.

You will also receive a wired USB adapter with the EVOD starter kit.

The pros of the EVOD starter kit are that you receive two full pens, a leak resistant tank and a re-buildable and a replaceable atomizer.


Overall this is a great starter kit and sets the standard for e-liquid vaporizer pens.

What you Get

The EVOD starter kit includes:

  • Two complete EVOD vapor pens
  • Two EVOD batteries
  • Two EVOD clearomizers
  • A USB charger
  • A wall adapter and
  • The user manual

You are able to buy the Kanger EVOD starter kit from an authorized distributor; this is to ensure that you get the real deal and that you get the manufacturer’s warranty.


SToK Pen Vaporizer Review


SToK Pen Vaporizer Review

The SToK Pen Vaporizer is made in the USA and uses Dutch inspiration with German precision and American design to create one of the finest portable vaporizers.

The SToK vaporizer pen is highly portable because of its compact and lightweight thin sized design. The SToK is easy to use and is able to vaporize your concentrates effectively.

The SToK pen vaporizer is only able to vaporize oils, e-liquids, concentrates, waxes and resins. There is a ceramic heat element which contains a tool that allows you to dab concentrates, extracts or e-liquids on it.

When you receive the SToK pen vaporizer you will notice that it is ready to use. The battery is fully charged and will last an entire day.

The SToK vaporizer has a nifty security feature that will avoid you accidentally triggering the device when it is in your pocket or in your handbag. There is a locking system that will prevent you operating the vaporizer when you don’t want to.

Stok Vs Atmos Raw Vaporizer

The Atmos Raw Vaporizer is able to vaporize herbs whereas the SToK is only able to vaporize oils and concentrates. Choosing between these two will then depend on your needs and the type of material that you wish to vaporize.

If you prefer to vaporize herbs then you should go for the Atmos Raw, but if you prefer the readily available liquids, oils and concentrates because the process is quicker then go for the SToK.

The battery life on the Atmos Raw is between 60 to 70 hits in one draw. The SToK can lasts for almost 24 hours of continuous use.

The SToK pen vaporizer is still new and not a huge addition to the market, but the unique features make it stand out.

The SToK pen vaporizer is perfect if you are looking for a discreet and portable oil pen that is able to last all day.



A Quick Look at the Synergy V-Pen Vaporizer


A Quick Look at the Synergy V-Pen Vaporizer

Synergy V-Pen Vaporizer Features:

  • Compatible with oils/waxes
  • Easy to use
  • Discreet design
  • Quick heat up time


  • One battery charger
  • Two oil cans
  • One mouthpiece
  • One oil cartridge
  • One maintenance tool

Synergy V-Pen Vaporizer Summary


This is an advanced pocket sized unit that is capable of vaporizing oils with ease. The Synergy is compact and lightweight which is ideal for those on the go. This pen vaporizer is perfect for those that want to vaporize oils and waxes efficiently. The unit also has a clear display that show how much oil is left in the cartridge.

The Synergy V-Pen Vaporizer is easy to use. You will need to turn it on by pulling down the trigger once and then twice to initiate the heating process. An LED light will go on when the vaporizer is one.

You will need to check for white condensation in your Synergy portable vaporizer. If there is white condensation that you will see that it is working.

This vaporizer works best with slow pulls. Many think that heavy pulls are best, but actually this increases the heat and will then also increase the danger to your health due to the sheer heat.



Synergy V-Pen Vaporizer



The Synergy V Pen Vaporizer is the perfect portable vaporizer that is able to fit right in your pocket. The Synergy V Pen Vaporizer was created with oils and waxes in mind and is also perfect for aromatherapy. You are able to fill up this vaporizer and use whilst on the go. The discreet design allows you to use it anywhere you feel the need to.

The Synergy V Pen Vaporizer features a clear display, which is unusual for a vaporizer that is this small. The display will be able to tell you how much oil or wax you have left in the cartridge. The heat up time on this vaporizer pen is pretty fast meaning that you are able to enjoy your experience within a few seconds.

The synergy V Pen Vaporizer is pretty simple to use. You will first need to remove the metal protection sleeve and the rubber seal with the use of the handy dabber. You can then begin to trip your oils around the side of the heating element. The rubber seal then needs to be set back into the cartridge. Ensure that the seal grooves are aligned directly over the two wicks in the cartridge. The metal sleeve should also be placed back. That’s it; all you need to do is remove the pen cap and push the button.

What Does the Synergy V Pen Vaporizer Include?

With the Synergy V-Pen Vaporizer you will receive:

  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 1 x AC Wall Adapter
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 2 x Oil Cans
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 1 x Oil Cartridge
  • 1 x Surgical Steel Grade Dabber
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

There is also a warranty that comes with the Synergy V Pen vaporizer for up to a year. The pen cap, mouth piece and battery have a 90 days warranty. The 1 year warranty covers the unit under normal use.

The Synergy V-Pen vaporizer is one of those affordable vaporizers that comes with various accessories and is built of quality so that you can be sure it will last for a long time.